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The Guide to Your Customized Training System

WARNING:  This workout system is ONLY for people willing to take massive action to get in the best shape of their lives.  If this doesn't describe you, please stop reading NOW.

With Evolution Personal Training, I take a multi-level approach to your fitness program design.  Below, I'll discuss the different aspects of your customized workouts, as well as the methodology behind the design.  And don't worry, I may drop a few technical terms, but that's just me geeking out – I make everything as user-friendly and transparent as possible.  And remember:  EVERYTHING is DONE FOR YOU.  I just want you to be as informed as possible as you and I walk the road to your best body!

First, I'll show you the basic components used to create your Custom Fitness System.

STAGGER – Don't let the cute name fool you – this is the serious business.  Now, "STAGGER" doesn't refer to what you're doing after your workout, but the way the cardio system is built!  It's kind of a unique cardiovascular and muscular training approach that, instead of having your typical "start, stop, start, stop" stuff, staggers out the various intensities and time intervals to provide more fat-burning effect in less time.  Why's this important?  Because, when your body goes through this cycled effort, it will respond MUCH more quickly to both the immediate energy needs AND with more force to the "Training Effect" brought on by the other aspects of the workout.  By using this type of training as your "foundation," your body is forced to use fat as fuel very quickly.   That means no more waiting for months on end to start seeing your results – that's why your first 30 days of training carry my exclusive 101% money-back guarantee!

Exercise Density – This is an idea I was first exposed to on my introduction to personal training, and it's the ONLY one that's consistently netted me results without fail over the last nine years.  By modulating exercise density ( the amount of work done in a given time) correctly, you see more results more quickly, and for some reason, they also usually STICK permanently.  I have a a hypothesis for this, but the way it affects your training is I pack as much activity into your session as is safe and possible, and then try to increase that.  Constantly increasing exercise density is the ONLY PROVEN WAY to make CONSISTENT, SAFE, PROGRESS.

Resistance Training – Using free weights (dumbbells and barbells), machines, cables, and even your own body, this aspect of your custom training program will completely blowtorch body fat AND tone muscle very quickly.  And because we all know that "size matters" – ladies, you WON'T be getting big, bulky bodybuilder muscles; BUT, guys, you will see very quick and definite increases in muscle size.  See, I know that women and men need different types of training, and usually have different goals.  Resistance training is crazy-powerful for physique change, but only when it's done right.

Flexibility and Mobility.  By utilizing more advanced stretching forms, such as those used in martial arts, yoga, and Pilates, your muscles will be allowed to adapt to workouts more quickly, causing a drastic reduction in muscle soreness.  This also has the added bonus of getting your muscles that "toned" feeling sooner than if you relied solely on your resistance training!

PROGRESS TRACKING is the aspect of the EVO System I feel has contributed the most to the thousands of combined pounds my clients have lost over the last nine years.  One of the biggest mistakes new trainees make when in the gym on their own is not tracking their progress.  Or what can actually be worse, not tracking the correct variables and in the correct manner!  Every body's different, and so's every done-for-you custom program.  I am the ONLY personal trainer in Shreveport to correctly and accurately track all FOURTEEN training, diet and lifestyle variables ESSENTIAL to constant, safe progress.

SO -> How Does That Help Me Lose Fat, Tone My Stomach, and Firm My Glutes?!

Quite simply, every component uses the effect of the others to multiply your results, and to have those results happen in HALF THE TIME of any other system.  And yes, I mean 30 minutes.  The body is all about being efficient, and by crafting an entire system around doing what the body wants, your results are enhanced 10 fold.  You're busy, and you're not wanting to get back into your skinny jeans or drop that 20 pounds in six or seven months.  You want and need and DESERVE results today.  I'm just using your body's natural inclination to help with that.  Think of it as the ultimate cheat.  But it can't be bad if it works so good, can it?

But Will This Work for Me?!

I Guarantee It.  I'm so confident in this system, and the positive effects it's going to have on your life, I guarantee your first 30 days with me will be the most mind-blowing, fat-melting experience possible.  And I back that with a one-question-asked, 101% cash refund.  That one question:  "what could I have done better?"

BUT . . .

Want to know a secret . . . ?

In the NINE years I've had the privilege of getting people more tone, active, and happy, I've not had to ask that question ONE TIME.

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REMEMBER:  Evolution Personal Training is the ONLY personal training service in the Shreveport-Bossier area to offer a no-risk, 101% money back guarantee to ALL CLIENTS for ALL SERVICES!  You have absolutely NO REASON to wait on losing those extra pounds!

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