Shreveport Personal Trainer Says: Wearing High Heels to Workout

Posted on 13. Sep, 2010 by in Blog

Hey Shreveport-Bossier! I know what you’re thinking:  you want us to wear high heels to the gym?!    The answer is no.  BUT, I noticed several of my clients ARE . . . they just don’t know it! You see, there are some shoes which, though the appear to be regular athletic shoes, function the same way as high heels.  They “bounce” at the heel, forcing you to push, pivot, and center at the ball of the foot.  It’s like wearing  COLLAPSIBLE high heels! The shoes I’m referencing are these puppies:  DO NOT WEAR THIS SHOE DESIGN TO YOUR WORKOUTS! As a few of my clients know, I will outright CANCEL a workout if they come to the session wearing these.  That has only happened a few times, and that was after I asked a client to stop wearing them.  THAT is how important I consider your shoe choices:  I would rather sacrifice a full session than have you risk your knees with them. “Well Cody,” you might be saying, “you’ve shown us what you DON’T LIKE, so show us what you DO.” Okay. I personally wear either Nike or New Balance shoes during the day, and to my own workouts.  The design to me doesn’t matter, so long as I can get them in a wide.  (I’m not spilling the shoe size, though!)  I’ve worn the Vibram Five Fingers, and they are great as well. Just avoid any shoe which has a thick, THICK sole – the closer to bare feet you can come, the healthier the shoe choice.  Make sure they fit, and they are not overly tight or allow for “sliding” around inside. Oh, and never EVER wear the Reebok EasyTone.  I swear I will throw them out a window if you bring those to a session.  I despise them so completely, I refuse to edit a picture of them. Thanks for reading, and have an amazing day!

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