Shreveport Personal Trainer – The Zone?

Posted on 11. Oct, 2010 by in Blog

Hey guys!

Just a quick update today, and it’s more of a question:  what’s your mindset before you begin a training session?

Are you thinking about the stresses of the day (or, if you’re a morning trainer like myself, the stresses that wait when you’re done), or are you focused on the results this session is supposed to produce?  When you’re preparing your meals to take along to work, are you thinking about having to answer the inevitable “why are you eating that stuff again” (even though you’re eating smoked salmon this week, and last week it was cheese-stuffed chicken breast with a vegetable side-salad covered in honey and almonds), or are you thinking about the fat that’s not going to get stuck to your belly and thighs, and just how dang good that good food really tastes?

I think you’ve figured out by now – you should have your head in the game.  Your fitness is just on aspect of your lifestyle, it’s what allows you to do the things you love with the people you love, and to be able to do them for a long time.  It shouldn’t stress you out.  BUT, when it’s time to step in to your workout, when it’s time to choose between a sugar/salt/fat Burgermelt McAwesome and your pre-set smoked salmon on rye with spinach and tomatoes, you need to be focused on what that’s going to do for you.

So Shreveport, how do YOU get in the zone?

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