Shreveport Personal Trainer – Plastic or Glass?

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I've been getting the same question regarding the "Sunday Cook-off" method for diet control for the last year.  So, I figure it's about dang time I answer it, so EVERYONE can get the goods.

Oh, the question?  You want the question?  YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE QUESTION!

Well, actually, you can.

The question is:  "what do I store this stuff in, when you say I should avoid reheating food in plastic?"  The answer, my good people, is  . . . well, there is no answer.  No one answer, anyway.

As many of you know, I tend to cook (that's what I call microwaving.  Don't judge me) most of my solid meals in Pyrex containers.  I can't tell you how many thousands of meals I've eaten, steaming hot on one side and ice cold on the other, asking myself how such an abominable condition came to be, out of those red-topped glass dishes.

I can tell you, though, how many of those same dishes I broke by putting them in the freezer.

I don't always think the simple things through, you see.


Going back to the Sunday Cook-Off.  For those uninitiated, the SCO Method is a way of preparing a lot of food in advance.  Set an hour or two aside for some big-dish cooking.  Having planned out what you'll be eating for the week (you are planning that stuff a week in advance, right?), get it all together and cook the mess out of it.

Then, store Monday's in the fridge, and Tuesday through Saturday in the freezer . . . in either some big gallon bags (in this instance, size matters.  Stop laughing.) or the larger size plastic "re-heatable" Tupperware dishes.  I personally use the cheap gallon freezer bags, since I usually just destroy the bag to get the frozen goodnesses out.

Don't worry, I recycle them.

Jiminy Christmas, get off my case already.

The night before your next set of meals, empty the plastic container into the glass cookware, and you're good to go.

See, simple right?

Oh, you want to know why I'm jumping through hoops to avoid eating out of microwaved plastic?

To simplify, here's the reason:  I noticed when I stopped reheating food or drinking hot beverages from plastic containers, I stopped getting headaches.  Like, within two days.  I didn't use as much chap stick, I slept better, and recovered a little quicker from my workouts.  I was also less reactive to stress, especially when driving.  Also, a few other things improved, and I'm not telling you jack about that, so mind you own dang business.

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