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Well, technically, it is Monday.  But I want you to forget that for a second.

shreveport personal trainer monday

Monday is the second-hardest day of the week to get through, we all know that.  We’re casting off the shackles of freedom and relaxation and taking again the yolk of Other Peoples Problems.  We’ve got children to get ready for school, unpaid tasks for work, and ten thousand other things that take precedence over a few pushups.  I mean, who has time for that?  Do you see my schedule?  I’m thirteen seconds behind, man.  Stuff’s getting REAL.

Just like it was last week.

And the week before.

And so on.

See, it’s not the little things that get in the way of you losing fat, of getting a little healthier, having the heart health to be with those kids for the next 20 years.  And it’s not the big things, either.

It’s the constant things.  The Everpresent Things.

Those tasks you have to do.  Stuff that needs to get done.  It’s always there, constantly.

And see how well that works?  The dull, the monotonous, the consistently required stuff, it all gets done because it’s always there, it keeps showing up.  That’s what you need to do.  Understand that that belly fat isn’t just sitting there, looking the same til the next bathing suit season, or the next physical.  It’s getting a little more filled out, a little more attached, through that same consistency.  So, just as the Stuff That Needs to Get Done does, just like the Fat You Can Look Down Right Now and See does, you need to be consistent.

Start right now.

Push back from the desk, from the table, the counter, wherever you’re reading this, and do a pushup.  Then stand back up.

Now do two more.

Maybe a squat.  Just two.

Now, go do what needs to be done.

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