Shreveport Personal Trainer – New Year’s Resolutions?

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New Year's is fast approaching – and you know what that means . . .
I am super-pumped about this year.  Hey, wanna see what my resolutions are?

TOO BAD.  Here they are!

Cody's New Year's Resolutions!

  1. No Resolutions
  2. See Resolution 1


Here's the thing about setting New Year's, or really any future-dated, goals:
1.  You give yourself "cheat time," a temporal place to do a lot of damage

2.  You acclimate yourself to taking joy in future exertion while indulging now – that leads to making a lack of action psychologically rewarding

3.  You set apparently meaningful, but really ineffective, barriers to action.  Or rather, you make taking action hard, and keeping your inertia easy

4.  You inhibit future success.  The longer you take to start, the more energy you have to spend to reach the same goal – because with our bodies, the goal is always moving away

Take action NOW – stop the "just until January" eating habits you've picked up, start doing a few pushups, and get some guidance on reaching your goals.

Also, make some goals.  They don't have to be perfect-life goals, just something which you know will be difficult, yet attainable.  Then build outwards from there.

And call me – my spots are filling up crazy-fast cuz everyone's trying to beat the New Year's rush.  If you want to beat the crowd and be on your way to your best body by January, call me NOW – 1-888-706-7473!

And put down the egg nog.

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