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I'm guessing you had a very specific thing you do pop into your head when you read that title.  For some of you, that would be smoking.  For others, the stealth snacking you do to get through those "hard times."  But there are so many habits we have, some of them good, but many more which hurt us.

Shreveport Personal Trainer Fat Loss Habits

So stop that.

It's a sad thing, but we cam to realize it a while ago – we don't get back yesterday.  Or the last minute we had.  Or the second Tuesday in the summer of '04 that was really just flat-out the most awesome time every had by anybody in the history of ever.

We end up with just two things:  the memories of what we did, and the summation of all those choices.

So, if you were to look back on today, right now, the second you finished reading this blog post, in ten years, what would it mean to you?  Would it have been the point on which your  habits started to turn, from inhibiting and safe to productive and fun?  Or, will it just been another piece of tacky new-age psycho babble you filed away for conversational input over lunch at Burger King?

Listen, I'm just a personal trainer – every thing I do is with the intention of moving you towards a healthier body and mind, one that looks and feels the way YOU want it to.  It's one of the things at which I friggin' excel.  But the big things, the things which really add up to getting what you want, in your body, your mind, and your whole damn life, start with the little habits, the little decisions, the things you think and do every day.

So, if you want to be leaner, happier, and more engaged in your every day life, start with the breaking of the bad habits which are not actively moving you towards tomorrow.  The rest?  That stuff follows.

So, what are you waiting for?  Pick a bad habit, decide it's not something you're going to do anymore, and move on.

Protip:  you will have to make that decision, say that out loud, either one time, or a thousand.  And honestly, the 1,000th time is just as hard as the first.  but you will be so much stronger after it's done than you ever thought possible.

Break the habit.  Everything else follows, easy and quick.

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