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Now is the time for you take full advantage of what Evolution Personal Training has to offer.

I’m looking for human billboard . . . 21 3 more of them to be exact.  So,  what is a human billboard and why would I need one?

I’ll get to that, but let me back up for a second.

I am excited to say I have put the finishing touches on my brand new “Exercise Volume/Variance Optimization” or EVO-2XR program and it is now ready for prime time. That’s right, I can now release it to the public and that means you.

Here’s why I call it the EVO-2XR program: Unlike standard boring “gimme 3 sets of 10” workouts employed by lesser trainers, I couple an old school mentality with the latest in training technology to give you twice the results in half the time.

I have been personally testing the EVO-2XR program over the past few months and the results have completely blown me away.  I have come up with some fitness and fat loss solutions that were impressive, but this one takes the cake (mmm . . . cake).

But I need to get the word out.  So . . .

Here is what I have  decided to do:  I am going to give away personal training for only $15 per session. Yes, my WORLD FAMOUS, full blown personal training for only $15 a session.  Top notch personal training that is literally guaranteed (yes, I put it in writing) to get you results, or your money back.

Personal Training for $15 per session?!

Can anyone beat that?  Hell no.

Am I nuts?  Probably, but there is, in fact, a method to my madness.

There’s a catch (and consequences apply) and that’s where the human billboard part comes in.  I fully expect this program to be the biggest thing Evolution Personal Training has ever done, and I want YOU to be the walking proof of how well it works.

You will be a walking and talking promotion for the EVO-2XR program.

You see, January is the biggest month in fitness, and so by January I want to have an army of  “Afters” to show the full power of the EVO-2XR program.  I am no marketing genius,  so I need you to help me out.

Imagine this: You – looking and feeling better than you ever have – will be my advertising. Here’s all you have to do:  When someone approaches you and asks what you do to look this good, just tell them about me. That’s it. It is a win / win.  You win with the body and health of your dreams, and I win by expanding my business.

How soon do you have to act?  Well as of this posting I only have 21 3 slots left, and the available time slots are filling up fast.

So that’s it only the first 21 3 get in on the “Human Billboard”  EVO-2XR special.

*** Only The First 21 3 People  ***
to email me at will get my PERSONAL cell number.

Let me say that again: My personal cell number.  Email me with your contact info including the best number to contact you. During that first conversation we will discuss your goals, set up a free consult and secure your slot in the EVO-2XR program.

First come first serve.

–> Email now:

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