The Skinny-Jeans GUARANTEE

Okay, you've been seeing me drop the word "guarantee" like most people use linking verbs on the various descriptions for my programs.  Here's where we get down to the nitty-gritty – what does this Shreveport personal trainer mean when he says "guaranteed?"

The Skinny Jeans Guarantee

First, let me tell you about my "graduation guarantee."  For my clients who have made it to, and passed, the one year mark, I have the "Skinny Jeans Guarantee."  Put simply, if you've been with my program for a year, I take you out, and we get pictures and video of you trying out your favorite, designer, o-m-g-these-are-too-expensive-I-must-have-them jeans.  Then, I frikkin buy them for you.  In fact, I'll let you pick ANY designer clothing you have been dieing to get!   See, if you've trusted me with your health and safety, with your time and money, with your friendship and hard work for 365 days, and I've helped you to your goals, I feel like you deserve the best. And yes, that does apply to my male clients as well.  I've gotten more than a few guys to lose a lot of weight, or helped them build more muscle than they thought they could have, and all of that requires new duds.  And I have a tailor or two in town who I recommend, but I also support all our local clothiers, and take you to your favorite and hook you up with some fancy new . . . well, whatever the current slang is for our kinda clothes.  Seriously, I'm totally out of the loop on that one.


I'm totally serious, about your results, and about the jeans.


101% Money Back Guarantee

Okay, I presume this is what you were looking for.  For ANY REASON, whether it be how I style my hair, the clothes I wear to your sessions, or the fact you just don't like the program, you get 101% of your money back in the first 30 days.  That covers your program, plus puts a dent in that "Cody is stingy" feeling some people get from only getting all their money back. If I'm not getting you the results you deserve; if your workouts, done-for-you diets and total lifestyle coaching is not moving you closer to living the life you want; that means I'm failing you.  And I can't have that on my conscience.  So, you've got 30 days to try out the program at absolutely zero risk.   (This also allows me to make sure you're going to be a good fit for my program, as I don't and can't take all applicants.  I mean, I spend my life in the gym – I plan to make that time as fun as heck, for myself AND my clients!)

fat loss guarantee


You now have ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO HESITATE!  Spots are filling up faster than I can schedule, the recently released fat-loss phenomenon which is going to blow everything else Shreveport-Bossier has ever seen away, and an air tight, 101% money back guarantee which I've not had to use one time in six years.  If you want to get started on your no risk try-out for Evolution Personal Training, CALL NOW – 1-888-706-7473!  Just let me know the best time to call, and I'll make sure you get your no-obligation consultation, bodyfat analysis (which is normally $47 BY ITSELF), and trial workout all for FREE!

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