Oatmeal is the Devil

Posted on 16. Feb, 2015 by in Training Methods

[Meanmode] In response to the many, MANY calls, emails, FB messages I’ve been getting since the “oatmeal is evil” article I had in the Shreveport Times:

Oatmeal, like any starchy carb, can be avoided for the entirety of one’s life, and no ill effects are likely to present.

Oatmeal, unlike other starchy carbs, though, has a much greater tendency to cause allergic reactions of different severeties in almost everyone who eats it.

“But Cody! I have oats in my shakes E’E’R’ day! I still get dem gains, my waist is supa small, and I feel grrrrreeeeeaaaaaaaat!” Science that what?!?!”

Sounds good. Lower your preworkout dose, then peep this, yo – drop it for a month. If you need carbs, get some powdered sweet potatoe in there. You will have more energy, better nutrient absorption, and probably smell a little better (seriously).

“But I feel the gains! I believe they’re good for me! My culture has oats and oat-derivitives as the staple of all social activity foods! To dis the oatz is to dis mah culture!1!!!!1!!!1”

You may “feel” the benefits, if you are a high-level athlete with a great deal of body awareness. You can believe all day, all night, and twice on Sundays that they are “good and healthy” for you. And if the food is so important to your culture that it’s absence constitutes a lessening of the culture…

Go ahead and get over it.

The science (boo! hiss! heresy!) says they are awful.  Experience says they are awful.  Your food journal/scale weight/bodyfat tracking says, THEY ARE AWFUL.

Beliefs are poison when it comes to diet and exercise. “Everyone has their viewpoints,” sure. But that doesn’t make all of them valid.

The science is what matters.


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