DON’T Make a Resolution (if you want to succeed)

Posted on 15. Dec, 2014 by in Blog

Don’t make a resolution.  Just don’t,  over 92% of resolutions not only fail, but have the OPPOSITE outcome!


Well, it’s simple. When you make a resolution, you get the positive emotional flush of “doing the right thing,” without having to suffer through the work stuff. And you get that “reward without work” habit reinforced by your social circles telling you how awesome your resolution is. And then you get busy, life gets in the way, whatever, and all of a sudden you have to move the resolution to the next year.

And all the while you were eating everything in sight because ‘January 1 I’m burning it all off!’

So, here’s 3 rules to not making a resolution:

1. Make it start before the New Year. Be asymmetrical in your actions.  Dont set a calendar date for your diet and exercise start, make it TODAY. That way, no delay is going to stop you.

2. Keep it a secret.  Dont put up on Facebook how you’re “doing it right” because again, the positive feedback for doing nothing will be present.  Tell your significant other,  and no one else.

3. Make it specific. Dont say ‘lose weight’ when you want to drop 12 pounds, say 12 pounds. The more specific the goal, the more concrete the end date, the more likely you are to accomplish your goal.

More details follow this week about the Project X coming up in January.  Stay tuned.

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