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Posted on 13. Nov, 2014 by in Blog

On Engagement to Activity

I’m looking at a few different open tabs with the full-text studies on the effect of intellectual and emotional engagement on physical performance and memorization.  I’m heroically not going to site them, though, as I don’t know how to add footnotes in the blog.

To cut it short: the more engaged, interested in, or motivated by, an activity a person is, the more benefit one derives from it. This applies in both skill acquisition (something my long time clients have heard me mention once or twice) and general physical performance.

To apply this in your workout lifestyle (a term I’m actually beginning to dislike, but more on that another day), take a few seconds before your workout,  or your meal, or your stretching/foam rolling, and think one short, directed thought. Take a short, controlled breath, then act.

You will be more calm, more emotionally engaged, and will get kore benefit from whatever you’re about to do.

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