Why the Cheat Meal Matters

Posted on 11. Nov, 2014 by in Blog

Why the Cheat Meal Matters

When I say cheat meal, a lot of people have different ideas. Some picture an all-day chocolate cake party. Some thing an extra half a sweet potato will do the trick. Unfortunately, neither is right.

Here’s what a cheat meal does (without getting into the biological and chemical minutiae). It gives a system-boosting load of carbs, which in a body properly conditioned to run on fats from low-carb eating, is a good thing, getting the right energy-related hormones to spike. It will change how hungry you get, your hormonal responses to regular foods, and generally improve mood and cognitive function.

In short, a cheat meal as part of a larger food-plan makes you burn fat, tone muscle, improves mood, and makes you smarter.

IF you do it correctly.

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