Shreveport Personal Trainer – $3000 Coaching for $500?!?!

Posted on 16. Aug, 2010 by in Blog, Training Methods

Hey Shreveport!

This is just a quick head’s up – my normally exclusive, INVITATION-ONLY, Platinum Fitness Coaching Program is currently a mere $500. Now, other trainers I know think I’m being stupid with this; heck, it’s 1/6 what I normally charge, but I’m not dropping anything!

And maybe they’re right.

BUT, I’ve been offering the Platinum Membership to Shreveport for a little over a year now, and dangit, it’s rocked my world. I’ve had the last 365 days to work with some of the most motivated, results-driven clients a trainer could ask for. I’ve seen a young lady who, despite having spent literally 10x what my Platinum Program runs on on-site or live-in trainers, food delivery programs, online training, the whole 10 yards, go from being relegated to a motorized cart to running a marathon! (Yes, Terri, that’s a name drop – and thanks for letting me be a part of that trip!)

Wait, sorry, getting ahead of myself.

For those not “in the know,” my Platinum Program is a COMPREHENSIVE fitness lifestyle REPROGRAMMING. And I take care of EVERYTHING – I put together a shopping cart for your supplements (ONLY the top-shelf items, made by the same company which produces exclusive lines for NFL, NBA, and MLB players); your redefined grocery list (I tell you what to by local, what to by online, and I personally take you to EVERY shopping location for your first purchases); weekly, one-on-one phone conference; UNLIMITED email access through my PRIVATE addy; and a few other bonuses I don’t feel addressing here.

So Shreveport, if you’re looking to get the Platinum Experience, if you’re wanting to get the absolute best body and the best health possible, call me – 1-888-706-7473 and mention the “Platinum Ride,” and you’ll be on your way!

Don’t bother emailing me about this, though; I need to hear your voice so I can immediately tell if you’d qualify for membership in this previously hush-hush inner circle program!


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