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Shreveport Personal Trainer Helps You Get Lean and Tone for Winter! (You Won't Believe HOW!)

By:  Cody Stephens, CFT

Shreveport and Bossier City,

If you've had trouble keeping the fat off this year, or if you know you're going to have a lot of 'catching up' to do with the workouts and meal planning before summer, then this page is for you . . .

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So, How Much?

How much do you have to lose from around your tummy?  Two inches, three, FOUR?  And how long has it been there?  Is there more this year than there was last year?  If so, you're in the same situation as a majority of Americans.

There are all kinds of ways you could've been fighting this – no carbs, all fat diets; intermittent fasting; grapefruit diets; walking the dog before work – and I'm guessing since you're here, they didn't do what you'd thought.

There is a reason for that, and I have some good news – it ain't your fault.

See, there's a lot going on under your 'metabolism.'

And unless and until we get those conditions right, changing what you eat, how much you eat, or what kind of workouts you're doing may actually make your fat gain WORSE.

Why? Well, there are basically six systems that control how you look and feel, and diet and exercise work on only TWO of those.  That leaves four of six systems untouched and free to sabotage everything you've been working for: a toner tummy, lean arms, and the ability to pour yourself back into that black dress you've got at the back of the closet.

And most traditional training systems such as Crossfit, spin, or other non-specific programming methods miss the most important metabolism boosting effects training should create.  In fact, most programming is DESIGNED to keep fat on your midsection, while allowing for short term big number losses, followed by backtracking, followed by loss… this keeps you in the 'buying mood' in the same way random victories keep you playing Candy Crush.  It's LITERALLY an addiction-based training model.

So how do we effect those six systems in a way GUARANTEED to burn that tummy fat and trim the thighs?  Well….

  • Accountability (Team Training – every session is you + your training partner + your trainer)
  • Progress Tracking (Body Diagnostic – read further to find out about that)
  • Total Programming (unlike 99% of cookie cutter and performance based programs, I cover your Workouts, Outside Activity, Recovery, and Meal Planning!)

I have a question – If I could GUARANTEE that, in the next 30 Days, you can be up to 10 pounds lighter, have a more tone stomach and tighter buns, AND have your arms and thighs more defined, how motivated would you be to transform your body?!

And what if I could GUARANTEE you could do this while still eating the foods you love (within reason!) and NOT spending hours a day spinning in a hamster wheel or doing umpteen-thousand crunches and endless step-ups? Would you be excited ? If so, read on!  Or go ahead and click the image below to apply for your Transformation Session (all applications are carefully reviewed, and there's not cost to apply)!

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Over the past 10 years, I've helped hundreds of clients lose THOUSANDS of pounds, and in that time I've learned a trick or two to keep your workouts effective and fun, your motivation high, and your time in the gym at a minimum.  

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1.  Workouts NEVER go longer than 30 minutes!  That's plenty of time to get leaner, more tone and hyper-energized, since we cut out all the foo-foo do-nothing "exercises" that most trainers use to pad out your time and their wallet.

And minimize joint stress and overtraining, two things which trigger hyper-response levels of cortisol (which is the ONE MISTAKE that GUARANTEES you won't lose fat!)

2.  Workouts are completely customized to YOU AND YOUR GOALS, so not only do you never do the same workout twice, you're not doing the same thing any other client's ever done!  This keeps you from doing something someone with a different starting point, a different goal, and a different life designed to work for THEMSELVES.

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3.  You Don't start with a super-restrictive diet.  That's probably the WORST thing you can do!  With the eating choices we have you making (again, NO DIETING), you're just getting the right foods in at the right time . . . And, you are REQUIRED to cheat!

That'll keep your body from dropping into starvation mode, which is the burn-muscle-store-fat method that might keep you alive when food is in short supply.

4. Track the Correct Variables!  Most new trainees (and too many professional trainers to count, sadly) avoid tracking the information that's absolutely ESSENTIAL to seeing steady progress and halting bad food and exercise choices! Or what's worse, they'll track the WRONG THINGS, practically assuring zero fat loss and increasing risk of injury!  But don't worry, we've got you covered there, too.  My trainers and I are very educated in the "big 14" things you need to know, and we track it ALL.

Now, that's a lot of stuff, but you can simplify to these three variables:

  1. Rest periods – keep them short and odd; 15-25 seconds.  Don't rest 30, 45, 60 seconds.
  2. 10-Scale Stress – if the exercise you just did was, on a scale of 1 (easiest possible) to 10 (almost impossible), at a 6 or below, increase intensity.  7-10, decrease.
  3. Dietary Adherence – if you're sticking to your meal plan about 90% of the time, keep intensity high.  If less that 90%, alternate intensity low-med-high from workout to workout

To keep you on track (and keep me accountable) I require WEEKLY scale-checks AND body fat tests, PLUS a complete body-diagnostic EVERY 30 days!  That's new pictures, scale weight, body fat and tape measurements!  Further, we always partner you with someone from your Support Circle (from your Application ) or someone else in the program who has the same goals and training needs as yourself, that way even if you feel like you'd be able to ditch your trainer, you know you'd be accountable to your training partner!

(btw, that diagnostic actually runs almost $300, and you get the FREE as a client)

And guess what – unlike 99% of the training industry, I put my money where my mouth is: I GUARANTEE with no condition 101% Money Back if you're not completely satisfied with your training experience!

Oh, in the 10 years I've had a similar guarantee, I haven't been asked for it ONE TIME!

But,the information above (and the photographic PROOF that it works – who else has that, by the way?!) may not have you convinced.  And since the Bathing Suit Season (of Doom!) is coming soon, I've got one extra secret to share . . .

Don't Redo last Year!!!!!!

Why the heck not?  Because you remember how you started 'snacking' on (or if you're like most Americans, made a meal of) the Halloween Candy you bought in September . . .

And kept eating til Thanksgiving…

And at that point, you're already most of the way through the year, may as well start next year . . .

GOSH, so busy, will have to start February . . . and now it's March again . . .

Effectively, you TURN OFF your ability to workout, and even to BURN FAT if you DO workout!

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Is there a way to beat that . . .

Of course.  But it's not easy.  AND I've got limited space . . .

I call it the Body Transformation Protocol  . . .

It's an intensive in gym and in the kitchen life programming system . . .

And get a DONE-FOR-YOU meal plan  . . .

And everything else you've read about on this page!

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The Bad News . . .


And I'm a first-come, first-serve kinda guy  And since most people stay in the program for so long, once the TWO spaces I've got open now close, they are probably closed until April!

All right:  you've seen the results, you know you're covered by the unconditional 101% Money-Back Guarantee, and you know it's almost the holiday ramp-up and that means limited sessions available.  So don't wait – call me TODAY – 1(888)706-7473 – or email to reserve your body diagnostic and trial workout!

PS – Call today!  I've only got TWO training spots left!  Don't wait until the New Year's Rush, APPLY for a Transformation Session or Call me at 1-888-706-7473 RIGHT NOW!

PPS – In 30 days, you can be up to 10 pounds lighter and one month closer to your skinny jeans, or one month older and 10-15 pounds heavier.  Don't wait, call today –  1-888-706-7473!


If, for any reason, you’re not 100% blown away by every aspect of your Evolution Personal Training experience, you GET a 101% refund – just ask. You have nothing to lose: I  guarantee that your first month with me will be the best training experience of your life.

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