Shreveport Personal Trainer Claims . . . "Fat Loss – Or Your Money Back!"

Shreveport and Bossier City,

What if I could GUARANTEE that, in the next 30 Days, you can be up to 10 pounds lighter, have a more tone stomach and tighter buns, AND have your arms and thighs more defined?

And what if I could GUARANTEE you could do this while still eating the foods you love (within reason!) and NOT spending hours a day spinning in a hamster wheel or doing umpteen-thousand crunches and endless step-ups? Would you be excited ? If so, read on!

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Over the past seven years, I've helped hundreds of clients lose THOUSANDS of pounds, and in that time I've learned a trick or two to keep your workouts effective and fun, your motivation high, and your time in the gym at a minimum.  In fact, your workouts NEVER go longer than 30 minutes!  That's plenty of time to get leaner, more tone and hyper-energized, since we cut out all the foo-foo do-nothing "exercises" that most trainers use to pad out your time and their wallet.

(plus, by keeping your workouts shorter than the average TV program, we actually avoid the ONE MISTAKE that GUARANTEES you won't lose fat!)

Also, the workouts are completely customized to YOU AND YOUR GOALS, so not only do you never do the same workout twice, you're not doing the same thing any other client's ever done!

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Now, one of the BIGGEST mistakes new gym goers make, is to start with a new workout PLUS a super-restrictive diet.  And that's probably the WORST thing you can do!  With the eating choices we have you making (again, NO DIETING), you're just getting the right foods in at the right time . . . And, you are REQUIRED to cheat!

And here's the biggie:  most new trainees (and too many professional trainers to count, sadly) avoid tracking the information that's absolutely ESSENTIAL to seeing steady progress and halting bad food and exercise choices! Or what's worse, they'll track the WRONG THINGS, practically assuring zero fat loss and increasing risk of injury!  But don't worry, we've got you covered there, too.  My trainers and I are well-versed in the "big 14" things you need to know, and we track it ALL. PLUS, just to keep you on track (and keep us accountable) we require WEEKLY scale-checks AND body fat tests, PLUS a complete body-diagnostic EVERY 30 days!  That's new pictures, scale weight, body fat and tape measurements!

(btw, that diagnostic actually runs almost $300, and you get the FREE as a client)

And guess what – unlike 99% of the training industry, I put my money where my mouth is: I GUARANTEE with no condition 101% Money Back if you're not completely satisfied with your training experience!

Oh, in the seven years I've had a similar guarantee, I haven't been asked for it ONE TIME!

All right:  you've seen the results, you know you're covered by the unconditional 101% Money-Back Guarantee, and you know it's almost New Year's and that means limited sessions available.  So don't wait – call me TODAY – 1(888)706-7473 – or email to reserve your body diagnostic and trial workout!

PS – Call today!  I've only got two training spots left!  1(888)706-7473

PPS – In 30 days, you can be up to 10 pounds lighter and one month closer to your skinny jeans, or one month older and 10-15 pounds heavier.  Don't wait, call today –  1(888)706-7473!


If, for any reason, you’re not 100% blown away by every aspect of your Evolution Personal Training experience, you GET a 101% refund – just ask. You have nothing to lose: I  guarantee that your first month with me will be the best training experience of your life.

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